About Me

Hi there! WELCOME! So excited you are reading this!!

My name is Mayra
I am a 22 year old California girl! finishing up my last year as an undergraduate at the University of California,Irvine with a bachelors in Psychology. I am working on developing more interesting facts about me :)
 Truth is, its been a hectic 5 years and REAL LIFE is about to start soon! 
Join me on my journey!
"Getting Back to Me" is about finding the person I want to be. There is a lot of gray area in my life, especially these last 5 years. Since high school I packed on the pounds and I've isolated myself, losing touch with friends I loved. It is now time I step out of my shell and embrace who I am and change what I don't like. Life has not been easy, and when I read others post I realize that I am not alone. I make a promise to myself everyday, at 8:30 am to be exact lol  (I have an alarm that goes off) that "Today Is a New Day"and I will make better choices, so that I can get back to me. Getting back doesn't necessarily mean I want to become the girl I was in high school,It means that I am focusing back on ME; making the past, THE PAST! 
Now, most of my post will show that things are easier said than done :) especially the health and fitness part of life :)
BUT. . .
I have a wonderful life, wonderful friends & family, an adorable Dog Tula, and a amazing boyfriend Andrew
He is Hottie :)

(My beautiful spoiled brat) 

Random Facts:
I am obsessed with my Dog!
I Love Disneyland
I Love chips
I have never had the chicken pox (people think thats weird)
I Love TV:
Greys Anatomy
Private Practice
Desperate Housewives 
Pan am 
Real Housewives
The Bachelor
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
(The list goes on. . .)
I love fashion, I just don't apply it to my life lol (at least not yet)   

I can probably have a blog about My dog or about any TV show that I watch lol 
I would love to get to know all you bloggers so please show my blog some love and I will do the same. Love email too!!

Thanks for reading!


Daisy said...

You're so cute Mayra! Love your blog and your about me section.

Lauren said...

Nice to meet you Mayra. Thanks for stopping by the Scarlett Letters. Stop by my site sometime

ps. new follower :)